Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Munck wire rope electric hoist is a world-recognized high-quality lifting equipment with 70 years of manufacturing experience, their electric wire rope hoist are specifically designed to meet the challenges of precision lifting material.  All there components are designed and built to comply with all international standard and regulation.

Monorail Trolley Hoist

  • Low headroom monorail hoist for maximum lifting height use on MONOBEAM Crane
  • Available in wide range up to 55 metric tons



Two-Rail Trolley Single Hoist

  • Most suitable for use on Duobeam
  • Available in standard range up to 108 metric tons
  • For special design as a custom built hoist up to 500 metric tons

Fixed Mounted Hoist

  • A universal that can be placed on a bearing surface
  • Available range up to 9 metric tons on a single fall of wire rope
  • Available with any of 5 different hoist drums

C-Trolley Single Hoist

  • A smart solution to achieve better headroom using a top running trolley on a single girder crane

Two-Rail Trolley Twin Hoist

  • Twin hoists have the same feature as the single hoist two-rail trolley
  • Facilitation for true vertical lift
  • This special feature will protect the load from dropping
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