Closed-Loop Applications Manager - CLAM

Portfolio of software applications for Airport, Immigration, Metro stations, Visitor Management System.

more apps under development and coming your way ....

STIS MRT Status Display - MRTSD

Change and display the status for 5 MRT line to the screen.

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CLACK - Closed-loop Airline Check-in Kiosk

Self Check-in system to cater for Airlines in modern airports

Self Check-In Bag Drop System Admin panel

CLESS - Closed-loop Electronic Signage System

Design content layout, create and manage content loops and schedule when to play. Compatible image(jpg, png) and video format (avi, flv, swf, wmv, mov, mp4).


Synchronizing Display

To synchronize cluster of screens to play same content at the same time. Able to shutdown selected screens at click of a button. For Information & Advertising application.

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Immigration Counter Display

It is able to capture traveller particulars and photos to be stored in database. Records travellers entry or exit point and retrieve travellers last point of entry.

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Gate Management Information Display - GMID

Shows Airline logo, flight number, boarding time, and flight path when a flight gate is input.


Visitor Management System - VMS

Register Visitors using the VMS Server. Self Check-in and Printing of Visitor Pass at the VMS Kiosk.