Underslung Crane

Interlift underslung cranes are available in Single Girder and Double girder construction depending upon the load carrying capacity and the crane span.

Underslung Travelling Crane


Underslung Crane is the ideal solution where the headroom available is limited or the process requirements cannot allow any other means of supporting the crane except from the top.


  • Overload protective device to prevent hoisting of loads exceeding its rated capacity
  • Limit switch to prevent overhoisting and overlowering
  • Limit switch to prevent overtravelling and overtransversing
  • Safety catch on the hook
  • IP55 protection for all motors
  • Flexible flat cable festoon system for cross travel power supply
  • Flexible flat cable festoon system for mobile control along the crane bridge
  • Push buttons pendant complete with control cable and moveable terminal box
  • Fixed lockable pendant box
  • Switchbox for controlling the long travel movement, hoisting and transversing movement

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