Magnet Lifters

Gauss Magneti designs and manufactures electromagnetic lifters and electropermanent lifters for all types of beams and profiles single or in bundles, tailored according to the needs of the customer who intends to rationalize internal handling.

Magnet Lifter For Beams and Profiles Handling


Magnet lifters are utilized when lifting large objects such as plates, bundles of rebar, tubing, etc.. The beam allows you to use multiple magnets at a time by attaching them to the beam and maintaining a balanced, safe lift.

  • Bundles unloading from production (also for hot material up to 600°C)
  •  Loading and unloading of lorries, rail containers, and ships
  •  Storage in warehouses or depots.


  • Designs available to handle practically any size and thickness of steel
  • Motorized extendables or passive telescopic to adapt to the length of the load.
  • Equipped with mechanical safety forks.
  • In special execution with transverse misalignment of the magnets, for picking up one or more bundles or packs.
  • Equipped with motorized rotation of the magnets for picking up one or two bundles or packs.

These electromagnets are different from those for flat products because of their deeper magnetic field, able to better support non-compact and irregular shaped loads.

Gauss Magneti magnetic lifting and handling systems:





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