Electric Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter works perfectly in various coil handling sectors like the steel industry, transportation or automobile industries, rolled plate coils manufacturers and every coil handling company. It is widely used for lifting, moving, and handling of steel coil and other coiled materials.

Electric Coil Lifter


Interlift electric coil lifter can be custom designed according to your needs, type of use, the material of the roll, type of lifting beams or hoist, lifting requirements or other lifting devices installed. Our coil lifter is designed to be the most efficient and safe way to handle your coils.


  • Lifting capacity of 3 – 10 tons
  • 400-2000 mm open\close arm operating range
  • Motor driven open\close gripper arm
  • Limit Switch for prevents inadvertent leg opening during lift
  • Wireless Remote controller
  • Curved lifting pads for coil protection
  • Balanced and safe lifting
  • Parking\Maintenance Stand


  • Load Cell
  • Load Display
  • Light and sound warning indicator


Coil Lifter Video


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