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  • April 10, 2018

In the beginning of 2017, our principal GIS AG, based in Schötz in the canton of Lucerne, successfully launched the new electric chain hoist GP500 onto the market. Now, in the year of the 60th company anniversary, the third product of the new series follows with the model GP1000. The maximal lifting capacity will be increased by up to 60 % in comparison to the previous model.

Performance features of the previous series GCH were considerably increased with the new series GP (GIS Polygon). The new type GP1000 lifts for the 1 fall model the considerable weight of 1600 kg compared to the previous 1000 kg and this with the same service life and switching frequency as the previous model. Depending on the application the lifting capacity is increased by up to 60 % or the customer benefits from an up to 4 times life cycle of the chain hoist with the previous lifting capacity. For the 2 fall model the maximum lifting capacity was increased to 2500 kg with a simultaneously higher setting than its predecessor.

The protection type IP65 is newly included in the standard version and guarantees dust tightness and protection from jet water. With its compact and robust design the GP is suitable for dusty environments as well as for outdoor usage.

All shaft-hub connections are constructed in a self-centering polygon version. Thus, the disassembly and assembly during maintenance work is carried out faster and without special tools, which reduces service costs.

The series GP1000 is available as standard with a single or three-phase electric connection and offers 1- and 2-speed models with different lifting speeds. A wide range of accessories and options, such as radio remote control, frequency inverter, operating data counter, security load hook and special controls, are available.


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